4 things to check when buying a property in Ireland

It is essential to visit a property before buying it. The visit allows you to evaluate the potential of the property and also to realise amount of repairs involved. Here are our 4 things to check when buying a property in Ireland.

The energy performance when buying a property

buying a property in IrelandDuring your first visit, it is very important to assess the energy performance of your home. Of course, you now have a valuable indicator: the energy label.

Don’t neglect the energy performance if you don’t want to pay huge bills!

But it is good to review all the equipment of the house before buying the property, to avoid surprises:

  • The heating system : gas or electric? In either case, do not hesitate to ask for invoices to the former owner to have a price range for the year.
  • The windows: look if it is a single or a double glazing and assess their changing cost.
  • What type of insulation? Make sure there is no mold on the walls, which a sign of poor insulation. Beware, sometimes owners put a fresh layer of paint before the first visits for hiding the mold.


The security of the property

Some security indicators are parts of the things to check when buying a property. You must find out more about the general condition of a property, including the compliance with safety standards.

  • The electrical system: electric meter power, smoke detector presence, installation standards.
  • Is the roof in good condition? Do not hesitate to point the finger on possible defects on the color tiles (recent change, cleaning anticipated) or to ask to visit the attic.
  • Plumbing, piping, valves, wastewater disposal system.
  • If there is a fireplace, check that it meets current standards and request the maintenance bills.
  • Check the condition of the exterior and interior walls to detect any cracks.
  • Beware of materials hiding defects, like paneling.
  • In case of extension made by the seller, ensure that the new building has been declared to the competent authorities.

The security is as important as the comfort, if not more!

The comfort of your property

During the visit, you can get a better idea of the total living area and the distribution of spaces. You can check with an expert that there is no difference between what is written on the ad and the reality. Learn about the bearing walls, in case you decide to modify the space.

Brightness and exposure: a bright house is always a guarantee of well being and an asset when selling a property. Verify the exposure of the property, its sunshine and do not hesitate to come back several times at different times of the day / time and under different weather.

The location of the property

Location buying a property in Ireland
photo credit: “Freepick”

Investors would say that the 3 most important aspects to consider when buying a property are the location, the location and the location!

Location, location and location.

When buying a property, you do not only buys the property and walls. The property stands in a specific location of a city. So be sure it suits you for the long term.

  • Check pedestrian traffic, road traffic, train / plane crossing.
  • Is it a quiet place from? Are there peak hours?
  • Pay attention to the neighborhood, the construction projects around.
  • The presence of shops nearby for your daily shopping.

Finally, pay attention to the proximity of a bus station or bus route, especially if you do not have a car.

And for you, what are the most important things to check when buying a property? Tell us in a comment!

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