5 Homeware Stores You Really Need To Know If You Just Moved To Dublin

Great to hear that you have moved to Dublin! You wonder where you can buy everything for your new home on a budget? Then keep reading.

1. Ikea – The number one when you just moved to Dublin

Ikea is a great shopping place if you want to buy everything within one day. There is a wide range of bedding, towels, duvets, cutlery, kitchen equipment and small things that will make you feel home. Just make sure that you have at least half a day for shopping! Ikea is located out of Dublin city centre. You may end up paying €6 for a round trip by bus. So it doesn’t make much sense to go there just to get one or two small things (but it is so cool that we go there anyway to buy one stuff and we end up with ten!).

2. Penneys

Penneys is a chain of great budget stores! Perfect when you move to Dublin (or just moved to Dublin) but not only. There you can find comfortable bedding, towels, duvets and small decorations for the home. The best part is that these stores are located everywhere around Dublin!

3. T.K. Maxx & Dunnes Stores

Prices in T.K. Maxx and Dunnes Stores are higher than in the first two stores but the quality is overall better. You can find everything for your bedroom, kitchen and living room including floor mops and brushes.

4. Dealz

Dealz is a chain of discount retail stores. It is the best place to buy cleaning products and laundry detergents. 90% of items there are sold at €1.5 only! This is usually much cheaper than in regular supermarkets so go and take a look! Like in IKEA, you’ll go there and come back loaded.

5. and

These two websites are online platforms where you can find some good quality second hand or brand new items at good prices.


!!! Keep in mind that ALL stores work till late on THURSDAYS! So you can do your shopping after your day at work !!!


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If you moved already, what stores would you recommend to someone settling in Dublin?

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