5 tips to find the perfect real estate agent

You own a property that you wish to sell? It will be difficult to make the sale without the help of a realtor. Among the multitude of agencies that offer their service, how to recognize the professional who will be better able to support you in your project. Our advice to sign with the right real estate agent.

1. Understand what is a real estate agent

To find the perfect real estate agent, it is necessary to know who he is and what services he provides.

This professional property sales first evaluates the fair value of your property. He may need one or more visits to provide an accurate value. Then he can determine the price of your property from the market offers. You can accept or reject it if it does not match your expectations. In any case, the price will be set by mutual agreement in order to avoid surprises during the sale.

Once this price is set, the real estate agent is responsible for writing the ad in detail, including:

  • Location.
  • Property size.
  • Number of rooms.
  • Equipment.
  • Price.
  • Photos.
  • Amenities.
  • etc.

Offering beautiful photos will make your property more likely to be sold.

Finally, he is responsible for finding potential buyers, making them visit your property and taking care of all formalities for sale. You can also suggest buyers in your circle but it is advisable to let him take over the whole sale.

2. Call a local agency.

If you want to hire the perfect real estate agent, make sure that he has the skills and the necessary authorizations to sell your property in the best conditions.

It is better to use a local real estate agency. They know the market very well, and they know the properties for sale near your home. These properties are potential competitors.

3. Ask questions.

During the preliminary interview with a real estate agent, do not be shy. Ask him all the questions that run through your head. There is no stupid question! This not only helps to identify the patience of your contact but also to know in detail the way he proceeds.

Ask, ask and ask questions!

You can ask him for how long he has been practicing, how he sold properties, etc. Also ask about the type of properties sold by the agent, the contract that commits you and the amount of his fees. That way, you are maximising your odds to find the perfect real estate agent.

4. Probing the reputation of an agent.

Do not hesitate to seek the advice of your friends or your acquaintances who have recently sold their property. Indeed, word of mouth is the best way to ensure the good reputation of an agency.

Check online reviews and feedbacks about this agent.

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Also read the comments left on the ads, the agency website, social networks and discussion forums. They can sometimes be revealing big problems. However, some sites moderate their content to only show the positive feedbacks. Some real estate agencies even pay people so they write positive reviews.

Finally, do not hesitate to ask to meet up with a former client of your agent. You can ask him to provide you with a list of assets it has sold, with the details of the buyers and sellers. A good realtor will inevitably have references to show you. This is also part of his job: sell himself and his skills.

5. Ensure that you get along well.

The professional you met certainly has all the skills required for the sale of your property. Except… the feeling, which is not there.

The sale of a property can be long, complicated, and even stressful. Requesting the services of a person you trust and with whom you feel you can talk frankly is key to success for the sale of your property. Conversely, selling your property with a person who is neither engaging nor friendly to you can be a source of conflict and failure.

And you, have you found the perfect real estate agent? Tell us your experience below in a comment!

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  1. My husband and I are looking to buy a home, but we need to find the right real estate service. I really like that you mentioned calling local agencies as a tip. I usually assumed that you would find just one agent, but by calling different agencies, that gives you multiple options in finding the service you need.

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