Main questions about renting out in Ireland

6 questions to ask yourself when renting out in Ireland

The main questions that you should ask yourself when renting out in Ireland are answered in this section. If we did not cover everything, do not hesitate to send us your questions!

Should I draft a contract (also called lease or rental agreement)?

Main questions about renting out in Ireland - draft a contract
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In Ireland, it is common that owners do not bother to write a contract for renting out their property. The Irish are very hospitable people who sometimes base solely on a relationship of trust to lease his property.

However, in case of dispute, it will be easy to enforce your rights with a written contract.

In Ireland there are two types of leases:

  • The standard contract, which is more or less known and which consists in setting a fixed-term tenancy in advance between landlord and tenant.
  • The contract “between tenants,” totally illegal but still common in Ireland. In this case, the owner is not involved. The tenant who moves in is responsible for finding a new tenant to occupy the unit. Then he deals with the contract and keys.

This situation is often the roommate situation. When a tenant vacates the premises, he asks the new one to refund him the deposit. If a tenant leaves the apartment without finding a replacement, the security deposit is returned to the owner for the vacant weeks or months.

Sign a standard contract to set a fixed-term tenancy between you and tenant.

How to write a lease (or rental agreement)?

The classic legal rental contract should mention the following information:

  • Price rent (per week or per month).
  • Deposit amount.
  • Date the rent has to be paid.
  • Lease term.
  • Notice period, in case your tenant decides to move before the end of the contract. You can find more information about legal notice in our article here.
  • Pets allowed or not.
  • Etc.

Writing an inventory of the property is also strongly recommended, especially in case of disputes. However, it is forbidden to write some articles in your lease related to:

  • Gender.
  • Sexual orientation.
  • Country of origin or race.
  • Etc.

What documents to ask your tenants?

The owner must request an ID to the tenant and his PPS Number. He can also request a letter from a former landlord or from the current tenant’s employer.

Ask your tenant to provide you with a letter from his former landlord or from his current employer.

How to make an inventory before renting out your place?

Main questions about renting out in Ireland - inventory
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In the case of a regular and legal contract, the owner should carry out a complete inventory, signed by both parties upon reception of the keys. In the lease, all the furniture and contents of the property and their status (new, good, okay, worn etc.) must be listed. It can also be useful to take photographs of the property and its contents before the tenant first moves in. Thus, in case of disagreement on the degradation or breakage of an item, it will be easier to prove the responsibility of everyone.

How much to ask for the deposit?

The deposit often corresponds to one or two months rent. The owner must state its amount in the contract and give his tenant a receipt showing the amount paid.

Usually, the deposit corresponds to one month rent.

How to resolve a dispute with a tenant?

In case of dispute with your tenant, the written contract and the inventory will be a great help. When renting out, always try to resolve a dispute amicably, directly with the tenant before you seek assistance from a third party.

In case of dispute, the written contract and the inventory can be a great help.

If you want more information, contact the Citizens Information Centre.

If you fail to resolve the dispute, you can present your case to the PRTB.

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