Halloween DIY

7 Fast and Affordable Halloween DIY decorations

Few days are left before Halloween. Of course you want to have amazing Halloween DIY home decoration especially if you are inviting your friends to your place! Do you know that it is not compulsory to spend lots of money and you don’t really need to put too much time into that! Follow our list of easy and low budget Halloween DIY that will create a spooky atmosphere in your home!

1. First Halloween DIY is “Head in a jar”

Are you inviting your friends for a home Halloween party? Print the photos of your friends and put them into some jars that can be hidden around your place: in the fridge, on the shelves, in the kitchen, etc.

Step-by-step instructions here.

Halloween DIY

2. Liquid soap prank

Get some beetles, worms or bugs in the nearest bargain store. Remove the sticker from your liquid soap bottler. You can use some oil to remove the left glue after the sticker. Put the insects inside and you have a beautiful insect soap bottle!

The final view is here.

Halloween DIY

3.Bloody bath with a corpse

One more quick and awesome bathroom decoration. Take a couple of large black bin bags, fill them with scrunched up newspaper. Use some white tape to shape the bin bags as a human body as it is shown on the picture. For a better effect you can put some fake blood everywhere in the bath.

Halloween DIY
4. Eyeball flowers

Adding some flower decorations is always a nice idea. Just glue some eyeballs to your flower compositions and you get these beauties! It is better to take fake flowers of dark colours to get a perfect Halloween atmosphere.

Halloween DIY

5. Bats, bats, bats are everywhere!

Paper bats are an easy way to decorate walls in your house! Just find the shape of bats you prefer, create patterns of different sizes and cut them from black paper. Now it is you who decides where in your house bats are going to live. 😉

DIY details: here.

Halloween DIY

6. Witch hats

This Halloween DIY will take some time but the result worth it! Follow this detailed step-by-step guide to make these floating Witch hats.

Halloween DIY

7. Skull string art

If you want to create not just a random Halloween decoration but a piece for art, then this DIY is for you. It is not as difficult and time consuming as you might think at first sight. Check here to check how to make it.

Halloween DIY

What is your favourite Halloween DIY?

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