9 Photography Tips of Houses that Sell

From experience, when we are looking for a house or apartment to buy or rent, we know that a listing with photos has x more chances to succeed in selling or renting the property than a listing that has no pictures. I would go a step further and personally, in my experience first as a prospective tenant and then buyer, I have always ticked the search for properties with photos, excluding those listings that had none. Whether you can relate or not with this, one thing is for sure: listings with photos sell better than those with no imagery.

But is displaying photos of your property enough to sell or rent?

I would argue that nowadays having photos not only it isn’t enough but in some cases it might be counterproductive and push potential tenants or buyers away. For example, a listing with poor-quality photos could give an impression of the property that doesn’t reflect the real value. This is why it’s important to learn how to take great photos of your property and make it look at its best. Below we are looking at some important tips:


  1. You need a good camera – It might be common sense but the first and most important step to taking good photos is using a good gear. In this particular case, if you want your pictures to be decent I would not recommend a less than 5-megapixel camera.
  2. A clean house with no clutter – You can’t expect your property to shine if the rooms are in a mess or worse, if furniture or rooms are not clean.
  3. Turn off your flash! – Have you ever -ever- seen a good-quality photo of a property with flash? The photos I have in my mind are those horrible ones where you can see the reflection of the flash light against the mirror. Even if you avoid this embarrassing scenario, most of the times flash is equal to bad photos

Colors and Light

  1. Avoid dark colours – That is, if you’re re-painting your walls or buying new furniture, I would rather avoid dark colours as these can make the room feel and look a lot smaller than it actually is
  2. There will be a light – As a consequence of what said above, you cannot expect your property to shine with no light. A bright room is a must in every decent picture. Better if the light is a natural one


  1. Take a knee – When photographing a room it’s always recommended to take wider shots from an almost kneeling position. Ideally, you want your camera to be at about 40 inches from the floor. This way your pictures will resemble more closely those that you see in magazines
  2. Shoot straight – Don’t tilt your camera or the vertical lines will be distorted
  3. Use a tripod – If you have one, this goes hand-in-hand with the recommendation just above. Using a tripod will hold your camera steady, which will result in better quality pictures
  4. The devil is in the details – Sometimes, even if your photos are perfect you might still find it difficult to pass on the feeling of living in your property and its character. Taking a few close-ups of details of your property (eg furniture) could fill this gap

Finally and as a general recommendation: don’t forget that less is more. You don’t need a hundred pictures for people to buy or rent your house. Actually, chances are that the more the pictures you post, the more the chances for people to find flaws in your property. What you need is a bunch of good-quality, bright pictures to show off the best of your property.


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