Guess what country is Europe’s best buy-to-let place?

Are you still thinking if you should buy a house or if you should invest in Ireland? Do you need to know some statistics and figures to take the final decision about it? Then check the following research that covers European buy-to-let property market!


The buy-to-let research

According to the latest research that was published on World First, Ireland has the highest rental yield (6.54%) in Europe for November 2016. Though, in April 2016, Ireland was only at the 10th position with the rental yield of 5.34%.

Ireland is followed by the Netherlands with a rental yield of 6.35%.Portugal takes the third position with 6.33%.

So, now Ireland is the number one for investors of buy-to-let scheme.

Did you expect Ireland to be in the first position? Tell us in a comment below! And don’t forget, if you have a property for sale, to rent or to share, you can advertise it on PowerTiz. We also have lots of buy-to-let properties that can fit your needs!

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