Finding some accommodation

Finding some accommodation to rent or share in Ireland

Where to stay in Ireland when whether you are a student, looking for a job or already employed? Avoid scams, know their rights, respect the lease: all you need to know for finding some accommodation in Ireland. Follow our guide to find your dream home and stay in good terms with the owner.


Where to look for finding some accommodation to rent or share?

You just arrived in Ireland. Your first instinct will probably be to check the offers of housing for rent or to share, to find your dreams home.

Several ways to find your future home :

  • the “ads” in your daily newspaper,
  • real estate websites with ads from private individuals and professionals,
  • real estate agencies,
  • social networking: do not neglect your network.

One of your friends or someone you know may know someone who has a place to rent!


How to avoid scams when looking for a property to rent?

If you are afraid to come across a scam, follow some simple rules when you search for your future apartment or house.

A too good ad is probably… fake!

Upon consultation of an ad, some irregularities should be obvious:

  • The property is well located, offers great benefits at a lower price than the market. A good deal ? No, probably a scam.
  • The property is difficult to locate. A property that is not properly mapped can simply not exist. It is common to find the announcement of the same apartment with the same photos, located in different cities of the world… Check out the comments related to the ad, they can give you valuable information.

If the ad mentions a real estate agency, check for yourself that the agency exists and do not hesitate to get there to discuss the property. You can also check its reputation on Internet.

Three other simple tips are to remember:

  • Always ask to visit the property before renting it. Visit several of them in the same neighbourhood to get an idea of the price,
  • Get a written contract for any rental,
  • Never send money to a person that you have not even met, even by bank transfer! Finding some accommodation has to be a safe process!


Before renting

Finding some accommodationBefore renting a property, make sure it matches your needs and your expectations in terms of quality (including moisture and humidity), equipment (functional appliances), safety , area, location.

Also, make sure that you will be able to pay the rent and utilities (electricity, gas, garbage collection) without impacting too much your budget.


Prepare your papers

That’s it! You just to found the apartment of your dreams. Remains the paperwork to be done. Prepare a photocopy of your identity card (keep with you the original) and your PPS number. In some cases, the owner may also ask for a letter of recommendation or contact your former landlord or current employer.


Check the lease

Finding some accommodationThe Irish are very hospitable people who enjoy engaging a trusting relationship with their tenant(s). Thus, it is common that the owners do not embarrass themselves with a written rental contract.


It is better to insist in getting a written contract to protect you in case of disputes

The lease should make particular mention of the rental price (per week or per month), and the period of notice if you decide to move before the end of contract.

It is often accompanied by an inventory, which is a detailed description of the apartment, its contents and its condition. Sometimes, the owner can attach pictures. Thus, in case of disagreement on the degradation or breakage of anything, it will be easier to prove the responsibility of everyone.

Finally, the lease also establishes a security deposit which is one or two months rent. The owner must also give you a receipt showing the amount paid.


And for sharing?

When sharing, each flatmate must be registered with the contract and have his own copy, signed by the owner.

Beware if the owner offers to talk directly with the roommates or with the one who is leaving. It is common in fact that some owners require their tenants to manage various moves of the apartment. This practice, illegal, is common in Ireland. As we said before, finding some accommodation has to be a safe process and this practice can be detrimental to you because:

  • There will not necessarily be any new contract established between you and the owner when you leave.
  • Your deposit will not necessarily be returned ​​if you cannot find a new tenant to rent the property… Indeed the owner reserves the right to keep all or part of your deposit for the vacant months or weeks.

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