Finding the perfect roommate when sharing

Sharing may have some benefits, socially and economically. But that’s when everything goes well. For successful sharing, you must first find the right roommate and respect certain rules of life in community. Here are some useful tips for finding the perfect roommate when sharing!

Rely on your instincts

Often absent, messy, disrespectful with common living areas, your roommate can quickly become your worst nightmare. But the ideal roommate does not exist.

To avoid disappointments, trust your instincts first. If the person looks good, is comely, and the first contact between you is going well, she can claim to be a roommate.

Ask your potential roommate questions about her profession, her way of seeing life with other roommates and about her lifestyle

Finally, as in any context rentals, discrimination on religious grounds, skin colour, etc. must be avoided.



communicate-when- finding-the-perfect-roommateDo not let problems build up in a roommate. If you find that your roommate is not tidy enough, make her notice nicely. You find that he or she does not respect the rules of a roommate, say it.

But choose the right time and the right words. Your roommate may be in the middle of an exam or difficult personal situation, so it is perhaps not the time to bother her.

Try as much as possible not to be aggressive or hurtful. This does not solve the problem and will only make things worse.

Every problem with your roommates has a solution.
Stay positive and formulate proposals to resolve the conflict

Do not hesitate to organise some evenings with your roommates (board games, evening films). This will strengthen the relationship and bring a good atmosphere in the house.

If you have different schedules, you may not see each other so often. In this case, you can create a group on Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, etc.  to share your ideas faster.


How to manage expenses?

manage expenses finding the perfect roommateThere are three solutions, depending on your situation:

Set a budget expenditure including telephone, internet, electricity, food and determine who will be responsible for the payment of each invoice. If each tenant is given a bill, that will empower all members of the housing and you are almost sure to get the invoice paid within the allotted time. Remember to set dates for repayment.

Less friendly but equally effective, everyone pays the true common expenses (electricity, telephone, internet) and reserve the rest (cleaning products, food, hygiene products) exclusively for herself. But beware not to have someone taking someone else stuff, this can generate conflicts for not much.

Discuss ahead the way all expenses should be paid and set dates to pay the bills

The last solution is a blend of the first two. You can decide to pay in common the utility bills and to also provide a common pot in which each person will put few euros each month to pay for the products everyone uses (toilet paper, detergent, garbage bags, etc.).


How to manage cleaning?

manage cleaning when finding the perfect roommateFix from beginning a schedule for household tasks, pointing in turn a roommate. Thus, each will be responsible for the cleanliness of the roommate.

To avoid having to clean everything at the same time, you can divide the house into several areas, with each week a person in charge of that area. That way, each roommate has in turn a certain portion of the housing to clean.

To keep your home clean, set a cleaning schedule and stick with it

In case of events (birthdays, dinner parties), always tell your roommates so they can get organised.

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