Medical system in Ireland

Medical system in Ireland

In Ireland, the medical system is probably different from your home country. Social security system, health insurance, medical emergencies: learn how access to treatment and medical care in the best conditions.


Before leaving

Before leaving, we recommend you to make an appointment with your doctor. This will allow you to make a final health check with him to update your vaccinations, possibly taking advice to constitute a medical kit and to know how to proceed with medium or long term medical treatment.

Meet your doctor for a final health check before leaving and to get an advice regarding your medical treatment


General medical system and health information

capsule-1079838_640Welfare administrations in Ireland (family benefits, social benefits, sickness and maternity, unemployment, old age, invalidity, survivors, work accidents and occupational diseases) are managed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Family.

The Welfare Service administers all social insurance and providing the benefits. Regional health services are managed by the Directorate General of Health Services.

Medically, Ireland does not differ much from some European countries. No specific vaccinations are required for entry into the territory but we must nevertheless be sure to be up to date on your vaccinations for diphtheria, polio and tetanus. 

For children, it is essential to ensure compliance with the immunization schedule

As a reminder, abortion is illegal in Ireland


Receive care in Ireland

In Ireland there are two separate systems for the health:

  • A public sector, for people with modest incomes;
  • A private sector for people with higher incomes.

medical sistemThe public sector, less expensive, has many deficiencies in medical care: free care reserved to a few categories, waiting for medical access and surgical treatment, absence of certain specialties. Conversely, the private sector offers better access to care… for a higher cost.

Also, it is better to take out a private medical insurance in case of a permanent settlement in Ireland. If contributions may seem high, they can be supported in part or in full by your employer. Do not hesitate to negotiate this advantage together with the terms of your contract.

Take out a private medical insurance and it can be partly or fully supported by your employer

In all cases, whether or not you are insured in Ireland, you are entitled to all benefits in kind, run by the health insurance institution of your residence, under the same conditions as all other persons insured in that country.


Emergencies and hospitals

In case of an emergency you can call the 112 or 999 to reach an emergency line, the firefighters or the Police.

Call the 112 or 999 to reach an emergency line

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