Opening a bank account

Opening a bank account in Ireland

For all transactions, opening a bank account is almost obliged. In Ireland, there are several banks that offer their services. All of them have a fairly simple process to open a current account or a savings account. Still, you must be well informed of terms and conditions and papers to provide.

Irish banks

There are several banks in Ireland to open a bank account: Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Bank (AIB), Permanent TSB, Ulster Bank etc.

Choose a bank according to your place of residence and benefits they offer

Bank accounts

First, you will probably need to open a regular bank account: the current account. It manages daily expenses and income with the possibility to benefit from an overdraft.

If you choose to stay longer in the country, opening a savings account can also be smart. Free, it allows you to manage your money as needed. This type of account usually does not allow automated payments nor having an overdraft.

Consider opening a savings account to manage your needs

Opening a bank account in practice

You will need three documents: Your PPS number, an identity card and a proof of address.

To open a current account, it is usually possible to do it without having any appointment, in person at the counter. To open a savings account, an appointment is often required.

Utility bill, dated within the past 6 months, can be used as a proof of address

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