The Property Stories begin in Dublin

What if you could be confident when taking any property decision in your life? Do you think that could help you save your energy, some time, remove some extra stress and tension from your everyday life?

We think we found a solution you are going to love it!

“Property Stories” is a Dublin based community of people sharing the same interest about properties. It is organised by Matt. The idea of the community is based on sharing experiences. And that is awesome! Everyone has a Property Story to share and this story can be helpful for someone else.

property stories

Live meetups are organised once per month. The main theme (buying, selling, renting or sharing) is different each time and a topic is chosen, based on the main theme of the day.

The first meetup was organised on Monday, May 29th in Dublin with the topic being “Is it a great time to buy a property in Ireland?”

“Hmm…” – it is not an easy question!

However, all attendees expressed their points of view and shared their stories of becoming (or not) a property owner in the current market situation.

The atmosphere was lovely and friendly! Lots of inspiring and valuable tips and recommendations were shared.

Property Stories

We are looking forward to the next meetup!

And we encourage you to become a part the growing community by following the link below 😉



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